The Power of Reach

One of the great challenges of modern life is staying connected. Whether for business or pleasure, travel often breaks our ability to connect.


Growth is Churn

Churn is our biggest challenge. It causes lost customers, shrinking revenues, and even the possibility of going out of business. However...


QoS vs QoE, Part 3: It’s All About The Customer

Wireless consumers face an overwhelming and ever-expanding array of telephony options—carriers, handsets, plans, add-on services (such as messaging and WiFi Calling), OTT apps—all of which affect the quality of their calling experience.


QoS vs QoE, Part 2: The Rise and Fall of QoS

With the global adoption of cellular technologies and the Internet in the 1990s, the experience of calling fundamentally changed. Phone calls were no longer limited to wired handsets over proprietary circuit-switched networks.


Can You Hear Me Now?

Who in the telco industry hasn’t cringed upon hearing this famous tagline? The advertisement may have been about poor network coverage, but it also spoke to the bad experience of dropped calls and poor call quality—in other words, the quality of service.


MWC 2016: Everything is Mobile…and it all can be virtualized:

When the mobile world meets next month in Barcelona to discuss how everything is mobile, Interop Technologies and our technology experts will be discussing how everything can be virtualized as well as we exhibit in Hall 1 Stand 1C02 at Mobile World Congress February 22-25.