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Wireless operators and communication services providers need to launch new services and deploy the latest technologies quickly and cost effectively to stay competitive. That’s why Interop Technologies created deployment options to suit diverse applications, business models, and budgets. These options can also transition easily as needed. For example, those who prefer to trial new services or avoid capital costs may choose to initially deploy in a cloud-based environment and then later migrate to a private cloud as their subscriber volume and customer additions grow. Our team of experts is involved every step of the way to ensure management of these services for you. This flexible approach enables any operator—regardless of size—to implement any of Interop Technologies' advanced solutions quickly and cost effectively.

Here's how each deployment option works.

  • Cloud—Share our scalable technology solutions in a service bureau environment to minimize up-front expenses and take advantage of an on-demand, cloud-based environment with services management.
  • Private Cloud—Install our technology solutions at your site for your exclusive use, without capital expense, while we manage solutions for you. Benefit from customized solutions based on your specific requirements and business goals.
  • Turnkey—Purchase our solutions outright, when circumstances dictate, for on-site deployment and a “total ownership” approach.

Interop Cloud Interop Cloud™

Interop Technologies delivers the latest Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology from the cloud — providing communication service providers of all types with the infrastructure they need to quickly launch the services their market demands most. Our flexible cloud solutions can be deployed as fully managed from our secure cloud or deployed on-premise with systems management to suit individual operator needs.

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