Understanding REAL customer expectations could change everything for MNOs

Telecoms.com periodically invites expert third parties to share their views on the industry’s most pressing issues. In this piece Steve Barefoot, Senior Product Analyst at Interop Technologies, explores how understanding customer expectations today is crucial for the success of MNOs.

Embracing the multi-vendor environment

New mobile technologies are evolving at an accelerating pace, putting pressure on MNOs and MVNOs to find innovative ways to cost-effectively offer new services to their customers. In some ways, it is a paradigm shift for mobile operators. At one time, MNOs could base their business plans on offering a limited set of services that included voice and eventually text messaging.

Are the towers ready to fall?

With the advent of new communication technologies that are independent of the radio network, Steve Barefoot believes the importance of mobile towers will eventually diminish.

What is NFV and why should MNOs care about it?

Steve Barefoot, senior product analyst at Interop Technologies, on NFV and its numerous benefits to MNOs

Revisiting basic cloud concepts

From hosted services to the cloud to the digital telecom

NFV as an enabler of new revenue streams for mobile operators

The cloud has fundamentally changed the way organisations, including Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), provide and consume computing resources...

Understanding the perceived risk of cloud-based services

By almost any standard, 2016 will see continued explosive growth in cloud-based services. As one example, Cisco recently forecast in its Global Cloud Index, "Global cloud IP traffic will more than quadruple (4.1-fold) over the next 5 years. Overall, cloud IP traffic will grow at a CAGR of 33 percent from 2014 to 2019...

Interop CTO: Why the time is right for wi-fi calling and VoLTE

C-level briefing: It's not a spontaneous display of benevolence on the part of mobile operators.

Analyst Corner

Interop's Senior Product Analyst, Steve Barefoot is charged with monitoring and analyzing trends in technologies, products, and markets.
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