Interop Technologies is Virtualizing the IP Revolution and delivering cloud-based IP networks and next generation communication solutions to the global mobile industry. The company has incorporated the latest Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology into its private Interop Cloud™, enabling telecommunication service providers of all types to quickly and securely launch the services that subscribers demand most. Interop’s solutions are developed and built to reduce cost and complexity for all providers regardless of network generation or type and feature scalable architecture that makes continued migration to next generation technology simple.

Interop has its World Headquarters in Fort Myers, FL and network operations centers (NOCs) in Fort Myers, Florida; Dallas, Texas; and Dublin, Ireland.

Next-Gen Communications (IP, LTE, IMS)

CorePlusX℠: CorePlusX℠ is a complete IMS solution that delivers the services, functionality and infrastructure operators need to successfully compete in the ever-changing all-IP mobile space. Interop's managed IMS core and IP services remove the complexity and cost associated with the transition to an all-IP network, thus allowing operators to quickly launch the IP services that define the next generation network.

VoWiFi: Cloud-based, end-to-end solution that allows operators to quickly launch WiFi calling with reduced CAPEX investment. Native and downloadable client support for the latest Apple, Android, and other devices lets subscribers seamlessly use any WiFi network for voice calls and text messaging – reducing roaming charges and extending coverage.

VoLTE: Fully integrated, advanced IP solution that delivers optimal subscriber experience. Interop’s experts will completely manage your migration from circuit-switched to VoLTE with a standards-based IMS core from the Interop Cloud™.

VoLTE Roaming (VoLTE-R): Comprehensive VoLTE rollout support and a secure standards-based solution to ensure interoperability and interconnect with data roaming partners. The Interop solutions allows operators to support VoLTE-R for any of their roaming partners even prior to a full VoLTE rollout.

RCS: Patented technology that fully complies with the latest RCS release and can be deployed with or without an IMS core. This solution advances in step with client and feature specifications as the RCS ecosystem evolves, and also provides interworking with legacy SMS and MMS. Operators can offer subscribers enhanced communication features, including instant and group messaging as well as image and video sharing.

IMS Core: CorePlusX℠ features a fully managed, virtualized IMS core that provides all of the functionality, infrastructure, and tools that operators need in order to offer the latest in IP services. CorePlusX℠ brings operators a fully compliant standards-based, telco-grade IMS core from the cloud.

All-Gen Communications (2G, 3G, 4G)

Short Message Service Center (SMSC): Interop’s SMSC is the world's fastest. It supports LTE, IMS, and VoLTE messaging, and GSM, CDMA, iDEN, and SMS-over-IP are supported from a single platform. The Interop SMSC seamlessly integrates with other Interop solutions including CSC, MPAC and Enterprise Messaging.

Multimedia Message Service Center (MMSC): The MMSC for Smartphones. Interop’s massively scalable, intelligent MMSC provides simultaneous multiprotocol support (ANSI/GSM/IP/IMS) in a single, logical platform and supports MM standardized interfaces as specified in 3GPP and 3GPP2. The Interop MMSC seamlessly integrates with other Interop solutions including WAP.

IP Messaging Gateway: This gateway offers advanced messaging services for IP-enabled devices for operators that aren’t ready to replace their legacy messaging system.

Commercial Mobile Service Provider (CMSP) Gateway: Hosted solution that provides affordable compliance with the government’s Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) initiative, enabling operators to provide Presidential, Imminent Threat, and AMBER alert notifications to subscribers on their Wireless Emergency Alert Capable™ devices.

Handset Management

SIM Over-the-Air (OTA) Provisioning: Provides secure remote management throughout the SIM card lifecycle. This enables the operators to sell the most popular devices even prior to an LTE network launch. Leveraging the Interop Cloud™ technology minimizes the cost and complexity of SIM OTA management.

CDMA Over-the-Air (OTA) Provisioning: SS7-based, IS-683 compliant OTA solution that is the most powerful provisioning and parameter administration platform in the market. It delivers industry leading success rates of both OTA activations and OTA Preferred Roaming List (PRL) updates and evolves with operators’ networks as they move to LTE.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System: IVR solution that enables operators to provide customers with fully automated, accurate activation and configuration 24 hours a day; saving subscribers a trip to a retail store and saving operators call center costs.

Interop's Added Value and Support Expertise

The value of Interop’s managed solutions extends far beyond the solutions and services that we provide. Our systems management expertise and customer support focus differentiates Interop among vendors in the marketplace. We deliver numerous value-added benefits to our partner operators as our standard of doing business. You are our partner, so you are our priority.

Systems Management Highlights:

  • In-house team of IP and IMS professionals that build, monitor, and manage all Interop solutions
  • Dedicated Interop data centers wholly owned and staffed by Interop
  • 99.999 uptime, telco-grade redundancy and resilience
  • 24/7/365 systems monitoring in an active/active production environment
  • Expertise in systems management, billing, systems integration and security
  • Established and thorough incident resolution process; record, prioritize, escalate, dispatch and solve
  • Perform all scheduled activities for software and hardware– including changes, maintenance, performance monitoring, scaling, configuration management, backups, security, documentation and reporting

Customer Support Highlights:

  • Multilingual team of technical service professionals that handle routine care as well as incident reporting and resolution
  • Comprehensive support for all Interop solutions – including training, troubleshooting, and ongoing management
  • Cross-functional teams assembled across project management, product management, engineering and support
  • Analyze solution performance and conduct quarterly and annual reviews
  • Specialized team that acts as the customer’s advocate – represents customer interest and manages expectations