• Founded in 2002
  • Solutions that offer new levels of scalability, extensibility, redundancy, and throughput
  • Future-proof technology that offers clear and cost-effective path to next-generation solutions

Whether you're already moving toward LTE or you're somewhere in between legacy and next-gen, Interop Technologies has you covered. All of our solutions enable you to capitalize on the world's most advanced technologies today while meeting your unique operational needs.

Interop Technologies is the next-generation, leading-edge provider of core solutions for mobile network operators worldwide. Our high-performance, highly scalable solutions power services delivered to millions of wireless customers every day.

Interop Technologies implements all of its highly scalable, reliable solutions to meet your current—and evolving—technology needs.

We provide flexible, affordable, “all-gen” solutions that work exceptionally well with your legacy infrastructure and fit your technology roadmap for the future. All of our core solutions support both legacy and IP-based technologies simultaneously, allowing for the deployment of next-gen technologies while maintaining seamless operation and services for legacy handsets and networks.

Interop Technologies helps you take new services to market now with our cloud deployment options. Then, if and when your business requires a different strategy, we make it simple to migrate to our turnkey solutions—without changing technology platforms and risking service disruption.

When you bundle Interop Technologies solutions, you benefit from convenient shared features, including:

  • Web-based Control Center lets you easily manage all of your Interop solutions from one central location.
  • Comprehensive reporting toolset enables you to gain valuable business intelligence for future network and operations planning.
  • Subscriber provisioning API enables you to easily provision and de-provision subscriber numbers and update subscriber services, increasing efficiency and saving you time and money.
  • Single, unified billing feed (real-time and CDR supported) integrates with your current billing platform and supports all of your solutions, making it easy to implement new revenue-generating services.

With a lengthy history in the wireless industry, Interop Technologies has end-to-end knowledge of operators' business, and our seasoned technical staff has the expertise to deliver highly responsive and efficient support. Providing operator-grade reliability, our solutions help you minimize risk and increase return on investment as your networks evolve.


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