• Gives subscribers direct access to thousands of national short code campaigns
  • Includes a simple, unified billing feed for multiple aggregators that integrates with your current billing platform
  • Offers extensive business intelligence tools that uncover your most profitable campaigns, users, and aggregators

Our highly scalable, cloud-based CSC Gateway provides direct subscriber access to hundreds of national short-code campaigns through Tier 1-level content aggregators. It eliminates the chore of negotiating individual deals with aggregators and providers, as well as coordinating multiple implementations—saving you time and money. Interop Technologies manages all aggregator relationships, while you can issue credits and view reports from one central location.

Our simple unified billing feed for multiple aggregators integrates with your current billing platform. Set it up once and you're done. Then add as many of our technology solutions as you choose and leverage the same feed. We do the work, and you can quickly and easily launch and manage new competitive services.

The Interop Technologies CSC Gateway includes an extensive Business Intelligence (BI) tool set that enables real-time data mining. Discover your most profitable campaigns, users, aggregator relationships, and more. You have everything you need to obtain content and run reports, greatly simplifying the campaign management process.

With the Interop Technologies CSC Gateway, you can create local revenue-generating campaigns, providing you with the opportunity to target your specific subscriber base. Campaigns can include customer service programs for area businesses, premium campaigns that involve fee-based offers from retailers, and local voting campaigns.

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