2015 / June

TIA 2015: Network of the Future

Dallas , Texas

TUESDAY, JUNE 2: 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm

Got Wi-Fi. Can You Hear Me Now? What Wi-Fi Calling Means for Mobile

With the iPhone 6’s adoption of Wi-Fi Calling features, Wi-Fi calling has the potential to disrupt the entire mobile voice experience. For mobile carriers with less ideal spectrum assets, Wi-Fi calling presents opportunities to offer improved Quality of Service and coverage.

However, with the densification of mobile networks and the increased build out of Wi-Fi access points owned and operated by Over-the-Top (OTT), cable and Internet service providers, will mobile network operators be able to recoup their investments in licensed spectrum? Or will they see further disruption from OTT and other players utilizing unlicensed spectrum that eat away at MNOs' margins?

Will the industry see the advent of new Wi-Fi-centric mobile service providers? Will there be opportunities for mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) agreements between OTT and mobile network operators? And will network operators that have traditionally not played within the mobile segment find opportunities to expand into new services and offerings?

Smartphone data traffic over Wi-Fi has been around for years, but now with carrier-class Wi-Fi calling, we can expect a great deal of smartphone voice traffic to also move over to Wi-Fi. TIA NOW learns more about Wi-Fi calling with Josh Lonn, Senior Director of Marketing for T-Mobile USA and responsible for repositioning T-Mobile's Wi-Fi calling product.

TIA 2015: Network of the Future

Chicago , Il

Finaists for Leading Lights Most Innovative Carrier Cloud Service Award

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RINA Wireless Users Group

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CCA's 2015 Annual Convention

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