• Provides subscribers with fully automated, accurate activation and configuration 24/7/365
  • Integrates with your existing infrastructure, including existing CRM systems and POS platforms
  • Can be seamlessly combined with our SS7-based, IS-683-compliant OTA solution for complete management

Interop Technologies' powerful Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system enables operators to set themselves apart from the competition by providing their customers with fully automated, accurate activation and configuration 24 hours a day. Around the clock, on-the-spot activations are now possible, saving the operator time and resources. Our flexible IVR can be seamlessly integrated into an existing OTA platform or implemented as part of our comprehensive, world-class OTA-IVR provisioning solution.

Interop can easily integrate our stand-alone IVR solution into an operator's current infrastructure, including existing CRM systems and POS platforms. In fact, we have successfully integrated our solution with systems from some of the world's largest billing vendors. Let your billing vendor focus on what it does best-providing accurate, timely billing services-while relying on Interop's activation expertise for an unparalleled provisioning solution.

Interop's state-of-the-art IVR extends the functionality of operators' OTA platforms, providing them with a more powerful and complete provisioning solution. During handset activation and configuration, most IVR communication takes place with the OTA platform itself, not with the billing or CRM system. Operators can ensure their OTA system provides a reliable, accurate connection between these critical components by relying on a technology provider with a record of both successful IVR and OTA platform integration.

Interop's IVR solution saves operators time and resources by automating routine tasks-including activation, MDN changes, ESN swaps, and PRL updates and inquiries. In addition, our solution is completely customizable, enabling the operator to fully define the menu-driven structure. It supports multiple language voice prompts and gives operators the ability to change prompts “on the fly” to respond to changing market dynamics-such as updated greetings to reflect new marketing campaigns or promotions.

For operators with earlier generation, antiquated OTA platforms, upgrading to Interop's leading-edge IVR-OTA system can dramatically extend their provisioning capabilities as they move to next-generation technologies and networks.

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