• Gives front-line customer services representatives the ability to easily resolve device issues
  • Minimizes the need for multiple calls and reduces escalations to level 2 support technicians
  • Offers subscribers a self-care portal to manage their own device issues with a single click

SCOPE™ enables you to cost-effectively program and update mobile device settings and gives front-line customer service representatives-or customers using an optional self-care portal-the ability to easily resolve device issues, dramatically improving customer care and reducing operating expenses. SCOPE™ makes updates simple by automatically identifying a device problem and employing a one-click fix.

SCOPE™ Device Management Key Components

  • An intuitive, permissions-based VersatileView™ User Interface

    The SCOPE™ One-Click Fix™ capability originates with the distinctive VersatileView™ User Interface (VVUI). Parameters for this permissions-based, intuitive diagnostics tool can be set to suit the skill levels and desired access levels of various user groups. The VVUI can be configured to display only tasks related to common device problems for quick and easy troubleshooting, or reveal minute configuration details for analysis by highly technical personnel.

    Either way, disparities between operator default values and device settings for a given subscriber are flagged, enabling rapid problem isolation and resolution. With one click, a specific setting or an entire device configuration can be automatically repaired, eliminating the chance of human error.

  • Self-care for subscribers

    Using APIs, SCOPE™ enables an intuitive Web portal so subscribers can manage their own devices-without a trip to a retail location or the cost of a service representative's time. Based on device capabilities, subscribers can view service issues and repair and update settings, check the status of their devices, and manage device security, minimizing customer service calls. Some self-care features can be initiated from devices, making it simple for subscribers to make changes when they are not near their computer.

  • Lock and Wipe function

    SCOPE™ provides added security with an available “lock and wipe” function. For devices supporting the OMA Lock and Wipe Management Object (LAWMO), SCOPE™ can issue a command over the air to lock down or even wipe sensitive data from a lost or stolen device to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Automatic Device Detection (ADD) for GSM networks

    Available on GSM networks, ADD detects new devices that register on your network and follows a pre-programmed series of actions to provision and configure the device, based on information derived from the handset, including the IMEI, IMSI, and MSISDN. SCOPE™ determines the course of action based on device capabilities, which may include OMA-DM, OMA-CP, and firmware updates, saving you resources and operational costs.

The Interop Technologies SCOPE™ solution provisions and activates devices in CDMA environments based on TIA-1059, IP-Based Over-the-Air Device Management (IOTA-DM) for CDMA2000® Systems. Activities, which have historically been conducted using SS7 device connectivity, can now be performed over the IP network using the OMA-DM protocol.

Interop's innovative and leading-edge system supports both methods of DM-based CDMA device programming-direct programming via OMA-DM and IS-683 encapsulation over OMA-DM by leveraging Interop's IS-683 provisioning platform.

In addition, SCOPE™ has achieved interoperability with Red Bend Software's vRapid Mobile® vDirect Mobile™ client software, deployed in more than 1 billion mobile devices worldwide.