• Modular, distributed architecture provides unlimited scalability to meet volume demands in a small footprint
  • Simultaneous support for legacy and IP technologies allows for seamless operation as you move to next–gen
  • Patent-pending Intelligent Route Caching reduces HLR load and expenses by up to 50%

At 100,000 MDAs per second throughput, our SMSC 4 Series is the world's fastest, delivering six to eight times greater throughput than the commercial industry leader. In fact, an operator would have to deploy several of our competitors' SMSCs to experience the same throughput generated by just one Interop SMSC, saving an operator costs associated with deployment, power, personnel, and management.

Scalability to meet your needs

Our modular, distributed architecture enables you to deploy our SMS solution as an FDA router or incorporate it into our full-scale messaging solution. Either way, the solution provides you with unlimited scalability for today's high volume and availability requirements. Just one Interop SMSC 4 Series delivers enough throughput to send a text message to everyone in the United States in one hour or to everyone in the world in one day.

Key features of our affordable, high-performance SMSC 4 Series include:

  • Uses the latest techniques in clustering and load balancing
  • Supports both traditional and IP-based signaling and provides simultaneous multi-protocol support (ANSI/GSM/IP/IMS) in a single, logical “all-gen” system
  • Leverages our patent-pending Intelligent Route Caching to reduce Home Location Register (HLR) load and network termination expenses by up to 50 percent.
  • Enables traditional “store and forward” as well as “forward and store” functionality, alleviating 70 to 90 percent of queued messages, further extending the life of your investment and increasing delivery speed
  • Includes an advanced throttling function to control load and prioritize traffic distribution across the network, which means that application-originated traffic does not have to lower the quality of service for person-to-person messaging and other services

Additional features include local short code tools and reporting, enhanced retries, and prepaid support. The highly reliable SMSC 4 Series is available in cloud, private cloud, and turnkey deployments.

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