• Deployment options are designed to support operators of any size and meet any business need
  • Flexible deployment options let you migrate easily from cloud to turnkey if your business needs change
  • The same world-class technology, built in-house by our experts, supports both cloud and turnkey customers

Interop offers affordable deployments to fit any business need: cloud-hosted, private cloud, and turnkey. This convenient approach enables any operator–regardless of size–to implement Interop Technologies' flexible deployment solutions quickly and cost effectively.

Wireless operators and telecommunications providers can choose the option that best suits their specific applications, business models, and budgets. In addition, they can easily transition among the options as needed. For example, companies that prefer to trial new services or avoid capital costs may choose to deploy initially in a cloud-based environment but migrate to a turnkey solution as message volume and customer additions demand.

Here's how each deployment option works:

  • Cloud—Share our scalable technology solutions in a service bureau environment to minimize up–front expenses and take advantage of an on–demand, cloud–based environment.
  • Private Cloud—Install our technology solutions at your site for your exclusive use, without capital expense, while we manage solutions for you. Benefit from customized solutions based on your specific requirements.
  • Turnkey—Purchase our solutions outright for on–site deployment and a “total ownership” approach.

In all cases, clients receive the same:

  • Innovative, high-quality software and hardware that distinguishes Interop Technologies solutions
  • Unified billing solution providing records for billable events and transactions in a single, automated feed to the client’s billing platform
  • Highly responsive customer service
  • Professional, multi-level training

Interop Technologies offers a comprehensive portfolio of core wireless solutions in cloud–hosted, private cloud, and turnkey deployments. All of these options provide the flexibility, customization, and responsiveness demanded by operators—as well as simple migration among deployment models.