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We Are Interop

With a lengthy history in the wireless industry, Interop Technologies has end-to-end knowledge of operators' business, and our seasoned technical staff has the expertise to deliver highly responsive and efficient support. Providing operator-grade reliability, our solutions help you minimize risk and increase return on investment as your networks evolve.

Why Policy & Charging Control?

Short video explains why you need Policy & Charging Control, and why you should choose Interop


Short video explains why you need SIM OTA, and why you should choose Interop

Why Cloud RCS?

Short video explains why you need Cloud RCS, and why you should choose Interop

RCS Blackbird Feature Demo

Video highlights joyn Blackbird release features

John Dwyer- Interop Technologies

bnetTV speaks with John Dwyer of Interop Technologies at the 2013 CCA conference held in Las Vegas and gives us a overview of the company and their products.

CCA Fall 2013: Policy control and charging cloud partnership

Damian Sazama, VP Corporate and Product Marketing of Interop and Angela Pinette, VP of Tango Telecom, discuss their recently announced, cloud based policy charging and control partnership.

Buzz Zone Interviews Interop Technologies

CTIA Interviews Interop's Steve Zitnik about Rich Communication Suite (RCS)

A Communication Story

Our Rich Communication Services (RCS) solution adds value to existing messaging technology and mitigates the threat of over-the-top services, which provide robust features at no cost to subscribers.

Interop/OMA Demo Day at MWC

Enhancing Communication with RCS. Josh Wigginton, Director of Product Management, NGN, Interop Technologies