Enhanced Security for IMS and LTE Services.

The Authentication Authorization Accounting (AAA) Server provides access, control and security for operator networks by supporting a set of protocols that mediate and track user access by authenticating, authorizing and accounting for mobile user activities.

Interop Technologies’ AAA Server enables the ePDG or SeGW to perform EAP-AKA authentication between the client and the network for the purpose of establishing the Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) SA. It then utilizes the SWx (Diameter) interface to the Home Subscriber Server (HSS) to retrieve the authentication vectors. Diameter is the industry protocol of choice to enable the enhanced security and scalability needed for the deployment of carrier IMS networks

interop-AAA+x Key Benefits:

  • Increased flexibility and control of access configuration
  • Scalability to support subscriber growth and the launch of new services 
  • Reduced service outages and interruptions for improved customer experience
  • Extensible APIs for easy integration with existing provisioning centers
** AAA is available as a part of our IMS Core solution

Enhance Network Security.

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