What is CorePlusXSM

CorePlusXSM from Interop Technologies is a complete IMS Core and IP services suite that delivers the services, functionality, and infrastructure mobile network operators need to successfully compete in the ever-changing, all-IP mobile ecosystem. Interop’s fully managed IMS Core and IP services remove the complexity and cost associated with the transition to an all-IP network, thus allowing operators to quickly launch the in-demand IP services that define the next-generation network.

How it Works.

The components of CorePlusXSM are dynamic and were designed to integrate with and complement one another. Whether it’s VoLTEVoWiFi, or RCS, operators can tailor their initial IP service offering to the most immediate demand of their market and subscribers. The result is peace of mind that subsequent services launched, no matter the order, will be fully compatible and easy to integrate.

A complute IMS Suite Key Benefits:

  • Flexible scalability
  • Expert integration
  • Reduced cost and complexity
  • Faster time to market
  • Lower network expansion costs
  • Available HSS, AAA, ACS, and Entitlement Server
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