Emergency Local Breakout

Support Roaming Now. Add IMS Services Later.

While IMS and VoLTE are becoming integral for operator’s migration towards an all-IP network, Interop Technologies recognizes that the timing of an operator’s network plans may not align with the timing of the requirements put on them by their roaming partners. This doesn't change the fact that roaming revenues are critical to many operator's bottom line and the need to support LTE roaming won't wait.

Interop Technologies’ IMS deployment strategy provides the opportunity for an initial emergency local breakout (LBO) phase to provide operators a cost effective way to support Voice over LTE (VoLTE) roaming traffic with their roaming partners today, without needing to fully deploy IMS.

 elbo-cpx.png Key Benefits

  • Helps to preserve valuable LTE roaming revenue

  • Provides local breakout emergency call handling for VoLTE roamers

  • Removes the risk from IMS core and IP network planning

  • Delivers a phased path for IMS deployment and IP services rollout

  • Interop Cloud™ or Private Cloud deployment lowers procurement, provisioning and operating costs

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