Entitlement Server

Boost Coverage. Reduce Roaming. Stay Competitive.

Subscribers consider WiFi Calling to be an essential service because it provides more reliable connectivity in areas with limited cellular access. For subscribers who are subject to roaming fees, WiFi Calling saves them money by enabling calls to be made over WiFi networks. Operators that offer the iPhone® face some additional challenges in deploying WiFi Calling, such as device validation (also known as Entitlement) and collection of emergency contact information.

Apple® created the Entitlement Layer Protocol to address these needs, but each operator is solely responsible for implementing it. Interop’s Entitlement Server simplifies and speeds up the process of entitlement by bundling device enablement and emergency information collection into a consolidated solution with a flexible deployment model and seamless integration into an operator’s existing mobile infrastructure.

Entitlement Server Key Benefits:

  • Selectively enable WiFi Calling on iOS devices
  • Easily collect and manage emergency contact information
  • Quickly deploy in Fully-Hosted, Mod-Hosted, or Turnkey configurations
  • Fully compliant with the Apple Entitlement Server specification

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