Regain Control.
Monetise Experiences.

Take complete ownership
of your subscribers' mobile experience.

Regain Control. Monetise Experiences.

As an MVNO, you know its crucial to keep your offerings updated in order to compete and win in your market. Subscribers are demanding the richer messaging Over The Top competitors are offering, while they monetize your subscribers. Rich Communications (RCS) allows you to take back control of the messaging experience by making it native with full feature parity, thus shifting the paradigm and delivering back to the operator to deliver new revenue opportunities from the Messaging-as-a-Platform (MaaP) ecosystem. Interop delivers a complete RCS solution with MaaP connectivity from the cloud to:

  • Remove the complexity of deploying RCS infrastructure
  • Quickly launch and market new rich communication services
  • Gain control and reduce reliance on host network for new services
  • Ensure better QoE with participation in MaaP for your subscribers

Carl Druekhammar.jpg
Steve Zitnik Talks MVNO New challenges
Fintan Lawler, Regional GM EMEA, Interop Technologies
MVNOs World Congress, Thursday, April 26 at 12:30pm
MVNO DISRUPTORS - Service innovation track

Rich Communication Services: The foundation for Messaging as a Platform and subscriber monetization.

  • How are changes in market behaviour driving services growth and require rich messaging?
  • Why and how does RCS enhance the subscriber experience and enables mobile enhanced commerce?
  • Monetizing subscribers through messaging

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