• Offers patented technology that fully complies with the RCS Blackbird release, and does without requiring an IMS core
  • Advances in step with client and feature specifications as the RCS ecosystem evolves
  • Provides interworking with legacy SMS and MMS

Our Rich Communication Services (RCS) solution adds value to existing messaging technology and mitigates the threat of over-the-top services, which provide robust features at no cost to subscribers. With our patented IP-based RCS solution, you can create subscriber “stickiness” by providing compelling communication features that let patented your mobile users connect in new ways.

An enhanced address book is at the core of RCS:

  • Serves as the starting point for all video, messaging, and voice communications
  • Identifies and displays each contact's available capabilities—such as video chat, instant messaging, image share, and file transfer—as well as traditional contact information like name, number, and e–mail address
  • Displays personal information like a home page link and current status

During each session, real-time indicators identify when users are typing, and subscribers receive a delivery confirmation after messages, images, or videos have been sent successfully, further enriching the messaging experience.

Launch RCS Today without an IMS Core

RCS leverages an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) network to create features that are not available using traditional messaging services. Some solutions circumvent this requirement by hosting an IMS core or by creating proprietary “RCS–like” services, which lack interoperability and create vendor lock–in. We have incorporated the necessary IMS components—including signaling, authorization, and session routing and setup—directly into our RCS solution, and patented this technology. As a result, operators can offer true RCS services without the need for underlying IMS architecture, now or at any time in the future.

Interop's Patented RCS solution:

  • Fully complies with RCS specifications, without requiring an IMS network
  • Advances in step with client and feature specifications as the RCS ecosystem evolves
  • Provides interworking with legacy SMS and MMS
  • Supports cloud, private cloud, and turnkey deployment options
  • Provides in-demand features to maintain operator relavance and subscriber loyalty

Offer your subscribers in–demand communication options with RCS:

  • IP-based video and voice calls
  • One-to-one and group messaging
  • Real-time exchange of image or video files
  • Converged inbox for SMS, MMS, and RCS messages
  • Multi-device support
  • Store and forward for chat messages and file transfers

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