A2P Messaging Gateway

Your Gateway To Revenue

Our cloud-based Application to Person (A2P) Messaging Gateway enables mobile operators to deploy and manage A2P services through one single interconnection that is reliable and benefits secure. In today’s competitive marketplace, mobile operators need to deliver new innovative services to their subscribers. With the A2P Messaging Gateway, mobile operators can quickly and easily capitalize on these value-added services with easy access to Interop’s Tier One Aggregator connections and messaging partners.

Key Features

A2P Short Message Service (SMS) 

  • Access to standard, premium, and binary campaigns
  • Provisioning API & Billing Integration
  • Local campaign creation with program documentation
  • Web-based administration tools, with real-time reporting by:
    • Campaigns by Aggregator
    • Top-performing campaigns
    • Customer transactions
    • Troubleshooting Tools

A2P Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) 

  • Access to standard, premium, and binary campaigns
  • Provisioning API & Billing Integration
  • Program documentation for each supported campaign
  • MM7 interface enabling content providers to send MMS
  • MM7 transcoding between the Aggregator and the MMSC 
  • Web-based administration and real-time troubleshooting 

A2P Short/Long Code Campaigns 

  • Two-Factor authentication and one-time pass code
  • Standard account notifications for account holders
  • Customer care for account management and support
  • Delivery notifications for a products or services
  • Alerts for fraudulent activity on secured accounts
  • Mobile marketing and promotional content
  • Voting, polling and surveys (non-political)
  • Public service messages that raise awareness
  • Security alerts and system notifications
  • Charity outreach communications (non-religious)
  • Emergency notification to support public safety and health
  • Sweepstakes and contest messaging
  • Political messages to influence specific groups



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Capitalize on the huge value of A2P Messaging with a single connection to top aggregators, and trending campaigns.

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