RCS Business Messaging Platform

Enabling Participation in the Messaging as a Platform Ecosystem

As the most used form of communication today, messaging has become the optimal channel to deliver rich content and value added services to subscribers. Interop Technologies' RCS Business Messaging Platform is a cloud-based messaging solution built using advanced Rich Communication Services (RCS) specifications from the GSMA Universal Profile (UP) to enable mobile operators to take full advantage of new service differentiation and messaging monetization opportunities.

Built upon RCS standards and specifications, the Interop RCS Business Messaging Platform enables mobile operators to build new engagement opportunities with subscribers and capture new revenue from the business-to-consumer (B2C) messaging market. With RCS application-to-person (A2P) capabilities, subscribers gain direct access to brands they love, right from their devices native messaging.

RCS Business Messaging Use Cases

Platform Functionality

  • UP 2.x Compliant
  • Chatbot Information and Directory Server
  • Spam Controller and Blacklist Management
  • Control Center Tools and Reports

Platform Reports

  • RCS Traffic
  • Performance
  • Top Keywords
  • Registry Traffic
  • Subscriber
  • Top 10 Spam
  • Spam

Northbound Chatbot APIs

  • Complies with GSMA FNW.11 v.1.0.
  • Provides Chatbot Developers with APIs to create chatbots and message RCS users
  • Includes text, files, audio, location, rich card, message status, chiplist, capabilities discovery, and subscriber availability
  • Includes Webhook for callback
  • Provides OAuth authorization

A Complete End-to-End Rich Communications Suite 

Interop RCS BM Platform

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