RCS Business Messaging

Monetize Subscriber Engagement

RCS Business Messaging is the solution that connects subscribers to the Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) ecosystem and drives revenue opportunities for operators. Using Chatbots, Plugins, AI, and standards-based APIs, business-to-consumer (B2C) communications are transformed with rich conversational commerce capabilities.  

We’ve combined all the elements that operators need into one easy-to-launch platform, so you can avoid the cost and hassle of using multi-vendor solutions.

Features & Reporting

  • UP 2.x Compliant
  • Chatbot Information and Directory Server
  • Spam Controller and Blacklist Management
  • Control Center Tools and Reports
    • RCS Traffic
    • Performance
    • Top Keywords
    • Registry Traffic
    • Subscriber
    • Top 10 Spam
    • Spam


  • Complies with GSMA FNW.11 v.1.0
  • APIs to create chatbots and message RCS users
  • Includes Webhook for callback
  • Provides OAuth authorization
  • Includes: text, files, audio, location, rich card, message status, chiplist, capabilities discovery, and subscriber availability

Market Leaders

  • Industry-leading Platform
    Built to the latest Universal Profile (UP) specifications, our RCS platform is currently one of the most accredited solution in the world, receiving GSMA's UP 2.0 accreditation for A2P RCS in 2019 and UP 1.0 accreditation for framework, enriched calling and messaging in 2018.
  • Experienced Technologists
    We’ve been developing core messaging solutions for more than two decades. As a founding member of the GSMA’s RCS working group and a participant in the MEF RCS working groups, we’re helping to define the future of RCS functionality and interoperability.
  • Superior Technology
    Using our multi-patented RCS technology, our platform has successfully completed more than 400 rigorous test cases with OEM device and client vendors in five countries over three continents. Interop’s hosted IMS core and RCS solution has also served as the accrediting network for which other OEMs were tested against during GSMA’s Meta events.
  • Award-winning Solution
    Our RCS technology and innovation has been recognized as a leader in the industry, having won the 2019 Leading Advanced Communications Award for our RCS solution at Informa’s Voice and Advanced Communications Summit and for winning the 2020 Juniper Research Future Digital Award for Telco Innovation in the category of Best RCS Provider.


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The RBM ecosystem connects subscribers to business in personal ways that create real revenue for operators.

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