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Messaging Solutions

Basic RCS

Messaging Solutions

Mobile Messaging

Messaging has changed the way the world communicates, collaborates and consumes information, and it plays a critical role in today’s customer-centric marketplace. For enterprises and mobile network operators alike, messaging has the power to transform customer engagement. With this in mind, we have spent the last two decades developing an extensive portfolio of core messaging solutions to evolve, simplify, and manage this critical operator offering. The future of mobile messaging is all about improving the subscriber experience through advanced customer care capabilities and enhanced engagement to grow loyalty and realize new revenue opportunities.

A2P Messaging Gateway

The Application-to-Person (A2P) Messaging Gateway enables mobile operators to leverage the A2P business opportunity without investment in additional infrastructure or connections. Our Messaging Gateway enables secure delivery of A2P SMS, Common Short Codes and 10-Digit Long Codes with industry-leading capacity, dynamic scalability and aggregator availability.

Simplify your revenue-generating capabilities with one single connection for all your A2P SMS messaging needs.

Manage your A2P messaging needs through a single connection ›

Basic RCS

Basic RCS (Rich Communication Service) revolutionizes business messaging by offering essential RCS Business Messaging (RBM) features seamlessly integrated with traditional SMS (Short Message Service) A2P delivery methods. This integration empowers businesses to establish secure, branded, and personalized two-way communication channels with end-user devices, distinguishing it from conventional SMS.

Enhance your messaging capabilities to deliver a better user experience.

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IP Short-Messaging Gateway

The IP-SM-Gateway ensures messaging continuity and interworking between new LTE/IMS networks and legacy SS7 circuit-switched 2G/3G networks. This solution provides operators with an efficient way to introduce SMS in next-generation networks and integrate effortlessly with legacy messaging services, while also setting a foundation to support new messaging services like Converged IP Messaging and RCS.

Deliver messaging continuity seamlessly between legacy and IP messaging solutions.

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Messaging as a Service

Prepare for the future of messaging with our Messaging as a Service (MaaS) solution. Using the Interop Cloud, the MaaS solution simultaneously supports both legacy SS7 and the latest IP-based technologies to allow mobile operators to consolidate their legacy messaging while reallocating resources towards advanced messaging solutions like RCS.

Eliminate the costs associated with maintaining legacy-messaging infrastructure and simplify the integration of new IP messaging services.

Consolidate your legacy messaging and reallocate resources ›

Multimedia Messaging Service Center 

The Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Center enables the sending and receiving of text messages that include multimedia content. Unlike plain text SMS, MMS enables the delivery of a variety of media content, including video, images, GIFs and audio. With Interop’s MMSC, operators can retain seamless operation and revenue capture from legacy services, while introducing new 4G and 5G services.

Expand the availability and capacity of person-to-person and application-to-person multimedia messaging services.

Give subscribers widespread access to multimedia content › 

RCS Business Messaging

RCS Business Messaging (RBM) introduces advanced functionality to the rich features of P2P RCS. Challenging traditional business applications, RBM enables branded, app-like capabilities with the integration of chatbots, mobile payments and more, directly into the native messaging app. Additionally, RBM not only helps engage subscribers in influential new ways but also offers new revenue opportunities for mobile operators.

Accelerate new revenue-generating capabilities with RCS A2P and P2A messaging.

Launch a complete end-to-end rich messaging suite

Rich Communication Services

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the official messaging protocol of 5G which was designed to revolutionize traditional SMS and MMS messaging. Introducing rich new features like group chat, high-res photo and video sharing, read receipts and more, RCS enables mobile operators to offer subscribers the elevated native messaging experience they’ve been waiting for.

Deploy secure, standards-based P2P messaging to improve the communication experience.

Upgrade your standard messaging

Short Messaging Service Center

The Short Messaging Service (SMS) Center enables the delivery of traditional text-based messages to mobile phones around the world. While SMS has been around since the advent of 2G networks, it is still the only native and ubiquitous messaging service available. While subscribers may use new messaging platforms for text, SMS will still remain an essential part of the overall network evolution when launching and configuring 5G smartphones.

Future-proof messaging with a cloud-based, scalable platform that handles high volumes and supports new IP-based networks and services.

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Wireless Emergency Alerts

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) enables the delivery of alert messages to mobile devices within a specific geographical area via cellular broadcast. Our WEA solution enables mobile operators to deliver FCC and FEMA-compliant emergency alerts to support public safety.

Ensure subscriber safety and system compliance with a cloud-hosted WEA solution.

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