Messaging as a Platform

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The rapid development of new digital technologies and consumers’ growing demand for enhanced communication capabilities has led to a global transformation in mobile messaging. Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) is a messaging ecosystem built on the technical foundation established by the RCS (Rich Communication Services) Universal Profile. This new initiative will help advance today’s business-to-consumer (B2C) interactions and drive new business models and monetization strategies for mobile operators.

Combining advanced messaging capabilities from RCS with chatbots, AI (artificial intelligence), and APIs (application programming interface), mobile operators can enable conversational commerce experiences for subscribers. Utilizing our RCS Business Messaging solution, mobile operators can protect the global ubiquity and subscriber trust that A2P (application-to-person) messaging provides today and at the same time, grow new revenue opportunities for the future.

MaaP Examples

  • Customer Care: Technical support, upsell products/services
  • Delivery Services: Order, track and confirm delivery
  • Geo-location Services: Maps and transportation 
  • Shopping: Make purchases, share reviews and track shipping
  • Travel & Tourism: Book flights and accommodations
  • Mobile Banking: Transfers, balances and notifications 


Key Features

  • APIs open RCS features for branded development
  • RCS Interconnection with A2P Hubs globally 
  • Brands pay operators for access to mobile subscribers 
  • Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction increases 
  • New revenue stream opportunities become infinite 
  • Unlimited use cases across different industries 

Key Benefits

  • Create authentic and personal customer interactions 
  • Provide instant engagement and timely responses 
  • Ensure content is relevant and useful  
  • Gather user data to improve communications 
  • Build long-lasting consumer stickiness  




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Messaging is now the platform that your mobile life relies upon for commerce and personal connection.

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Accelerate new revenue-generating opportunities with the rich features and capabilities of RCS Business Messaging. 

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Eliminate the costs associated with maintaining legacy-messaging infrastructure and simplify the integration of new IP messaging services. 

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