Messaging-as-a-Platform (MaaP)

The New Messaging Ecosystem is Happening Now!

The rapid development of new digital technologies and consumers’ growing demand for enhanced communication capabilities has lead a global transformation in mobile messaging. Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) is a messaging ecosystem, built upon the technical foundation established by the Rich Communication Services (RCS) universal profile to advance today’s business to consumer interaction and ultimately drive new business models for operators. Combining advanced messaging capabilities from RCS with chatbots, AI, APIs,and plugins, enables operators to deliver conversational commerce experiences for their subscribers with A2P RCS messaging and retain the global ubiquity and subscriber trust that business messaging provides today. 

maap-cpx.png How do operators benefit from MaaP?

  • Generate new revenue by offering cutting-edge services within subscriber’s native messaging
  • Grow enterprise messaging revenue by enabling conversational commerce
  • Leverage MaaP to increase sales and satisfaction by developing operator-specific A2P apps
  • Reduce churn and re-engage subscribers by capitalizing on the rapid growth of RCS
  • Combat the increase in market disturbance by Over the Top (OTT) messaging applications


Interop MaaP Features include:

  • Complete end-to-end GSMA accredited Rich Communication Services solution
  • Full chatbot functionality including discovery and connectivity
  • operator-monotization.pngWorldwide access, interoperability and reach with connection to the RCS Interconnect and A2P Hubs
  • Access to advanced interactive mobile services
  • Universal compatibility with the RCS-enabled clients
  • Flexible onsite and cloud deployments

1.pngLaunch on-network RCS to provide an enhanced RCS user experience to your subscribers 

2.pngConnect to the RCS Interconnect Hub for global reach to other operators and global RCS subscribers

3.pngParticipate in MaaP ecosystem (A2P RCS Hub) for new revenue streams and engaging customer experiences

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