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Flexible 𝄀 Deployment Models

Seamlessly Transition Between Deployments To Meet Your Evolving Network Needs

To maintain competitiveness, mobile network operators and service providers must quickly and cost-effectively deploy innovative technologies and introduce new services. In response to this, Interop Technologies offers versatile deployment models tailored to diverse applications, business models, and budgets. These flexible options can also seamlessly transition to meet evolving needs. For instance, those who prefer to trial services or minimize capital costs can opt for an initial deployment in a hosted cloud environment and then later migrate to a private cloud or on premises/turnkey model as their subscriber volume and customer needs evolve.

Our team of experts remains engaged throughout the entire deployment process, guaranteeing adept management of these services on your behalf. This flexible approach empowers operators of any scale to implement Interop Technologies' advanced solutions swiftly and economically the way their engineering teams prefer.

Flexible Deployment Models

Cloud Performance & Security

With Interop Technologies, you can be assured that your investments are safe and secure. We offer cloud solutions that are active/active and fully geo-redundant—essential for the core services Interop Technologies provides. In addition, our network operations centers are fully owned and operated by us and are staff monitored around the clock. 

Physical Security 

  • Multiple security cameras 
  • Restricted card key access 
  • 24/7 monitoring 

Environment Control 

  • Redundant cooling units 
  • FM200 fire suppression 

Power Redundancy 

  • Redundant UPS with A/B power distribution 
  • Multiple generators 
  • AC/DC power 

Network Connectivity 

  • Ongoing relationships with multiple providers 
  • Redundant routers and switches for IP network connectivity 

Server Infrastructure 

  • Application load balancing and database replication 
  • Redundant power supplies and network interface connections 

Choose a deployment that fits your need best,
or combine models for the perfect platform fit.

Additional Messaging Solutions


Accelerate new revenue-generating opportunities with the rich features and capabilities of RCS Business Messaging. 


Learn more about how messaging is becoming a platform that enables new revenue possibilities for mobile operators.


Eliminate the costs associated with maintaining legacy-messaging infrastructure and simplify the integration of new IP messaging services.

Deployment Models

When transitioning your network from steel to cloud...
our deployment models can migrate between both.