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IP SM GW 𝄀 IP Short Messaging Gateway

Seamlessly Integrate All Messaging Protocols And Bridge The Technology Gap

Deliver messaging continuity for IP-enabled devices through our IP Short-Messaging Gateway (IP-SM-GW) solution. As the next-generation wireless messaging leader, Interop Technologies is ready to support your converged messaging needs across your entire pool of devices.

Our standards-based IP-SM-GW solution bridges legacy and next generation messaging protocols, offering seamless messaging continuity across multiple networks and technologies. Even in an increasingly IP-based world, subscribers’ IP devices must still communicate with non-IP handsets across disparate legacy networks.

IP SM GW Provider

Centralized Management

Empower your business with the robust capabilities of the IP-SMG, delivering centralized management and unparalleled control over your SMS traffic. Seamlessly monitor and track message delivery, harness comprehensive reporting functionalities, and gain valuable insights from in-depth statistical analysis. Effortlessly manage and optimize messaging campaigns, ensuring effective communication with your audience.

Simultaneous Protocol Support

Experience seamless support for your existing messaging applications or systems, irrespective of their generation. Our solution is meticulously developed using a diverse range of standard protocols, ensuring versatile message delivery options while seamlessly integrating with the Home Location Register (HLR) and the Home Subscriber Service (HSS) in all-IP networks.

IP SM GW Solution
IP SM Gateway

Reduced Footprint

Messaging costs are reduced when compared to traditional SMS gateways that rely on dedicated on-site infrastructure. Our IP-based messaging offers high scalability for increased messaging volumes without significant infrastructure upgrades.

How IP SM Gateway Works.

Our IP-SM-GW enables you to keep all current message delivery, retry, and resend functions on your existing SMS and IM platforms by integrating with them to deliver ubiquitous messaging. By “futurizing” your current platforms, you can leverage existing legacy investments as you move toward IP-based technology.

Offer advanced messaging services for IP-enabled devices without replacing legacy messaging systems. Backward and forward compatibility furturizes your legacy investments and lowers messaging costs by using existing infrastructure.


Futurize your current platforms while leveraging existing infrastructure as you move toward IP-based technology.

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Download this sheet and take your first step to bridging the technology gap across all messaging protocols.