Rich Communication Services Suite

The Global Upgrade to SMS Messaging is RCS

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a global upgrade to today's standard SMS messaging that not only enhances person-to-person (P2P) communications, but is fueling a new commerce-driven mobile ecosystem that both subscribers and operators will benefit from.

Interop Technologies' cloud-based RCS Application Server simplifies the deployment of rich IP-based messaging features and integrates them seamlessly with traditional SMS and MMS messaging, on any network and across multiple devices. Through Interop's RCS Business Messaging Platform, operators can start to build new customer care initiatives and monetization strategies through application-to-person (A2P) and business-to-consumer (B2C) messaging capabilities in the messaging as a platform (MaaP) ecosystem.

Our multi-patented RCS technology has successfully completed more than 400 rigorous test cases with OEM device and client vendors in five countries over three continents. The Interop RCS solution is currently the most accredited solution in the world, receiving GSMA's Universal Profile (UP) 2.0 Accreditation for A2P RCS in 2019 and UP 1.0 Accreditation for framework, enriched calling and messaging in 2018.

Key Subscriber Features:

  • 1-to-1 Chat and Group Chat
  • Delivery Notifications (send/delivered/audio)
  • Rich File Transfer (images/videos/audio)
  • Converged Inbox for SMS, MMS, and RCS
  • Location and Contact Sharing
  • Enriched Calling

Key Operator Benefits:

  • Regain market competitiveness
  • Improve subscriber QoE
  • Reduce subscriber churn
  • Reclaim your subscribers
  • Realize new revenue opportunities
  • Elevate your brand

A Complete End-to-End Rich Communications Suite 

Interop RCS BM Platform

  • On-network Internet Protocol (IP) Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) Core and RCS Application Servers provide UP 2.0 features to operator’s subscribers.
  • RCS Interconnect Hub enables global reach and ubiquity through peering with other hub and inter-carrier providers.
  • RCS Business Messaging Platform provides access to RCS A2P and B2C content from global brands through ecosystem content providers and aggregators.

Global Reach and Ubiquity

Interop’s RCS Interconnect Hub provides operators and their subscribers with instant connection to the global carrier network. Once connected, operators can improve their subscribers’ experience by allowing them to share their enhanced messaging on other networks. Additionally, connecting to Interop's RCS Business Messaging Platform will enable operators to provide conversational commerce opportunities to their customers directly from the native messaging inbox and realize new messaging monetization opportunities.

What is Rich Communication Services? 

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