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RCS 𝄀 Rich Communication Services

Deploying a standards-based RCS solution ensures messaging ubiquity, paving the way for new messaging services and opportunities.

Our award-winning RCS P2P (Person-to-Person) solution prioritizes interoperability, aiming to establish seamless connectivity across all operators and devices. This comprehensive solution offers a centralized point to connect with RCS-enabled devices globally, highlighting superior routing capabilities and unmatched reach.

Additionally, it assists mobile operators in setting their course for the evolution of A2P (Application-to-Person) with next generation messaging capabilities. RCS serves as a transformative technology, enabling advanced features and fostering an ecosystem where subscribers, brands, and operators collaborate to drive engagement and unlock new mobile messaging revenue opportunities once deployed. 


Evolve Communication

In response to evolving subscriber expectations, RCS P2P messaging delivers enhanced features such as 1-to-1 and group chat, comprehensive delivery notifications, rich file transfer capabilities, and a converged inbox for SMS, MMS, and RCS. This enriched communication experience is further complemented by streamlined location and contact sharing, meeting the needs of subscribers. 

Ensure Ubiquity

Implementing RCS P2P functionality ensures messaging ubiquity across diverse devices and networks. This transformative feature establishes seamless connectivity, enabling users to communicate effortlessly regardless of the device or network they are on. Serving as a unifying force, RCS P2P fosters a universal messaging experience that provides users with consistent and reliable communications across the mobile landscape. 


Enrich Connection 

Mobile operators can renew their subscriber connection by adopting RCS P2P as a pathway towards rich business messaging and new subscriber loyalty initiatives. This transformative approach not only boosts market competitiveness but also enhances subscriber QoE, reduces churn, reclaims lost subscribers, and opens avenues for new revenue. RCS P2P becomes a catalyst for elevating the operator's brand and fostering a more engaging relationship with their consumer base. 

Why Interop For RCS?

At Interop Technologies, we have been developing our RCS Suite for more than a decade and have partnered with some of the brightest minds in the industry to bring this technology to mobile operators across the globe. 

Our industry-leading RCS technology offers:

  • On-network Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) Core functionality and RCS Application Servers provide UP 2.0 features to subscribers.
  • RCS Interconnect Hub integration enables global reach and ubiquity through peering with other hub and inter carrier providers.
  • RCS Business Messaging platform provides access to RCS A2P and B2C content from global brands through ecosystem content providers and aggregators.
  • Basic RCS integrates RCS messaging features into traditional A2P SMS messaging.

The path towards new revenue potential starts with RCS P2P messaging ubiquity.

Additional Messaging Solutions


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Rich Communication Services

Download this sheet to explore the enhanced messaging reality of rich communications and why an entire ecosystem is built on it.