Messaging as a Service (MaaS)

Consolidate outdated legacy-messaging infrastructure and reallocate resources towards deploying new technologies.

The Interop Messaging as a Service (MaaS) offering benefits operators by reducing the obstacles associated with maintaining legacy SMS/MMS messaging infrastructure, while also enabling seamless integration with RCS and other advanced services over IP/IMS.

As operators work to transition their new network to the cloud with technologies like NFV, SDN, and service virtualization, legacy network components are often overlooked until they reach end-of-life. By then it’s either too late, or it has become a mission critical replacement initiative that ties up precious resources and capital needed for a remedy. This legacy replacement can halt the progression of innovative ideas, new service launches and future network planning due to the number or interrelated systems that are all to often physically unrelated in their network—mainly gateways, routers and numerous OSS/BSS integration points. Operators can lighten the burden of managing, maintaining, or replacing outdated “black box” infrastructure by consolidating it all into a simplified managed solution.

How it Works

The Interop MaaS offering is a virtualized messaging solution that concurrently supports both legacy SS7 and the latest IP-based technologies. It combines the past, present and future of operator messaging into a single, all-generation, managed platform, that is delivered to operators as a service to reduce ongoing management costs and resource strains. Several key network components are available in Interop’s MaaS offering, including SMS, MMS, A2P SMS/MMS, WEA, SMPP Gateway, IP Messaging Gateway, FDA Router, as well as a complete suite of management tools and reports.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates end-of-life risks for a sizable portion of your network
  • Frees up operational and engineering resources for new initiatives
  • Reduces OPEX for legacy services that are still required, and productive
  • Prepares a seamless path to deploy future messaging technology

Key Expertise

  • Two decades of delivering cloud-hosted operator messaging
  • Engineers who built the solutions manage the service as well
  • Geo-diverse and redundant network operation centers (U.S. & Europe)
  • 24/7/365 customer service and multi-lingual support

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