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MaaS 𝄀 Messaging as a Service

Reduce The Burden Of Outdated Infrastructure With Cloud Consolidation

Unexpected legacy replacement can halt the progression of innovative ideas, new service launches and future network planning. This is due to the sheer number of interrelated systems that are all too often physically unrelated in their network—mainly gateways, routers and numerous OSS/BSS integration points.

Operators can lighten the burden of managing, maintaining, or replacing outdated “black box” infrastructure by consolidating it all into a simplified managed solution.


Reduce Operating Expenses

There are many legacy services, such as SMS and MMS, that are still required for today’s messaging infrastructure. However, they don’t have to be a burden on your operating costs. Let our cloud experts simplify things for your network.

Launch New Initiatives

By offloading the management of your traditional messaging services, you can free up engineering and management resources. This enables you to focus on launching needed updates and future technologies to help your business grow.


Remove End-of-Life Risks

Ensure peace of mind that your traditional messaging services are safe now and into the future. We are committed to ensuring that we do not end-of-life services that are still required for your infrastructure, like A2P SMS, SMPP Gateway’s, Routers, and more!

How MaaS Works

Our MaaS offering is a virtualized messaging solution that concurrently supports both legacy SS7 and the latest IP-based technologies. It combines the past, present and future of operator messaging into a single, all-generation, managed platform, that is delivered to operators as a service to reduce ongoing management costs and resource strains. This benefits operators by reducing the obstacles associated with maintaining legacy SMS/MMS messaging infrastructure, while also enabling seamless integration with RCS and other advanced services over IP/IMS.


Combine the past, present and future of messaging into a single, all-generation, managed platform.

Additional Messaging Solutions


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Messaging as a Service

Gain the competitive advantage of Messaging as a Service by leveraging our messaging pedigree to outsource a large complicated portion of your network to our messaging experts.