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WEA 𝄀 Wireless Emergency Alerts

Provide Protection And Security When And Where Subscribers Need It

Keeping subscribers safe is a top priority for operators, and although WEA compliance is voluntary, it is viewed by most as a critical customer care initiative with potentially dramatic subscriber retention implications for those who opt out. With significant growth in the availability of WEA-capable handsets and greater subscriber awareness, WEA alerts are a mobile service that subscribers have come to expect and value.


Comprehensive Solution

Wireless emergency alerts are a mobile service that mobile users have come to expect. This comprehensive solution provides all the essential alerts, including presidential, imminent threat, public safety, AMBER alert, as well as state and local messages.

Optimize Resources

Dramatically decrease the investment, staff and engineering resources that it would require your business to deploy and maintain an on-network, continuously-evolving, and compliant WEA solution.


Maintain Compliance

To uphold the public's safety requirements, the WEA system undergoes ongoing enhancements driven by research and technological advancements. Our cloud-based CMSP Gateway for delivering emergency alerts remains compliant with FCC and FEMA guidelines. 


Mitigate the challenges of implementing and maintaining Wireless Emergency Alerts.

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Wireless Emergency Alerts

Learn why WEA is a critical service that mobile users have come to expect.