With IMS. Without IMS. Yes.

Deliver messaging continuity for IP-enabled devices through our IP Short-Messaging Gateway (IP-SM-GW) solution. As the next-generation wireless messaging leader, Interop Technologies is ready to support your converged messaging needs across your entire pool of devices.

Our IP-SM-GW delivers seamless integration between today’s messaging solutions and technologies proposed for the all-IP network. This allows operators to offer the same advanced services to IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) subscribers that are offered to non-IMS subscribers.

IP Short Message Gateway - IP-SM-GW Key Benefits:

  • IP-SM-GW per SMS over IP 3GPP
  • “All-Gen” forward and backward compatibility to “futurize” legacy investments
  • Continuity of message delivery across all next-generation and legacy messaging protocols
  • Flexibility to migrate to managed or turnkey deployment as level of SIP-enabled handsets increases

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Interop Technologies delivers the latest Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology from the cloud — providing communication service providers of all types with the infrastructure they need to quickly launch the services their market demands most. Our flexible cloud solutions can be deployed as fully managed from our secure cloud or deployed on-premise with systems management to suit individual operator needs. Learn More...

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