Basic 𝄀 Rich Communication Services

Integrate RCS Messaging Features Into Your Traditional A2P SMS Messaging Protocol

Basic RCS (Rich Communication Services) is an innovative application of RBM (RCS Business Messaging) that integrates seamlessly with established SMS A2P messaging techniques to implement branded, authenticated, and encrypted bidirectional communications with end-user devices.

This gentle market introduction to RBM provides a more secure and personalized user experience than SMS, without the additional expense of deploying a comprehensive RBM solution with MaaP (Messaging as a Platform) functionality.

As RCS adoption grows, a full RBM solution can easily be deployed to take advantage of growing revenue opportunities.

enabled smsc seamless integration

Seamless Integration 

Basic RCS seamlessly integrates into your existing communication processes without necessitating any changes to enterprise behavior. This means you can continue using familiar SMS identifiers, such as short codes and long codes, ensuring a smooth experience for subscribers. 

Enhanced Security 

Basic RCS utilizes well-established methods for authorization and encryption, ensuring the highest level of messaging security. It enables bidirectional communication through a translation service that bridges the gap between RCS and SMS, fostering dynamic interactions and verified sender assurance that further enhance message integrity. 

basic rcs enhanced security
enabled smsc advanced features

Advanced Features 

These sender-verified and branded SMS messages are encapsulated within RCS envelopes, offering a visually appealing, customized and trusted presentation. Moreover, Basic RCS supports delivery and read receipts (some enterprise application development may be necessary to accept read receipts). 

How Basic RCS Works 

In enterprise communication, messages are sent using established protocols like SMPP, API, or SS7. To enhance this communication experience, the RCS frontend plays a pivotal role by connecting with the Google Jibe Hub to check if the recipient's device supports RCS capabilities. If it does, the message is transformed into a customized format, complete with branded images, colors, and usernames.

This tailored message is then delivered as an RCS Message via the Google Jibe Hub. On the other hand, if the recipient's device lacks RCS support, the message is directed along the standard SMS delivery route, guaranteeing its successful delivery to the intended destination without any disruption. This adaptive approach guarantees a consistent communication experience across various devices and methods. 


Leverage existing SMS messaging ingress to enable secure RCS branded messaging features.

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Basic RCS

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