With IMS. Without IMS. Yes.

Deliver messaging continuity for IP-enabled devices through our IP Short-Messaging Gateway (IP-SM-GW) solution. As the next-generation wireless messaging leader, Interop Technologies is ready to support your converged messaging needs across your entire pool of devices.

Our IP-SM-GW delivers seamless integration between today’s messaging solutions and technologies proposed for the all-IP network. This allows operators to offer the same advanced services to IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) subscribers that are offered to non-IMS subscribers.

IP Short Message Gateway - IP-SM-GW Key Benefits:

  • IP-SM-GW per SMS over IP 3GPP
  • “All-Gen” forward and backward compatibility to “futurize” legacy investments
  • Continuity of message delivery across all next-generation and legacy messaging protocols
  • Flexibility to migrate to managed or turnkey deployment as level of SIP-enabled handsets increases

Bridge Legacy and Next-Gen Messaging Protocols. 

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