Put the "V" in MVNO.

In today’s crowded mobile market, launching new, in-demand services quickly has become necessary to ensure long-term success. However, this can be difficult for MVNOs who lack the resources needed to successfully differentiate themselves against the competition or acquire the specialized workforce needed to launch these new services quickly.

For 15 years, Interop Technologies has been helping MVNOs find long-term success by providing relevant and differentiated solutions that they can launch, manage, and provide to their subscribers as quickly as possible. Today's advanced IP services require an IMS core for seamless integration and optimal functionality, but launching an IMS core in a traditional deployment can be complex and expensive. Interop Technologies’ CorePlusXSM solution delivers a complete IMS core, plus all of the services, functionality, and infrastructure MVNOs need to successfully compete in the All-IP mobile space. With CorePlusXSM, MVNOs can launch a full suite of end-to-end IP services and applications from the Interop Cloud™.

MVNO Benefits

  • Launch new advanced IP services quickly
  • Decrease reliance on your host network through increased control
  • Eliminate risk with elastic scalability that grows with demand
  • Gain expert integration and system management
  • Ensure competitive QoE and QoS with telco-grade solutions
  • Reduce cost, complexity, and time-to-market

Compete and Win in The All-IP Space. 

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