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Interop Technologies’ SMS Infrastructure with IP-SM-GW Future Proofs Messaging for C Spire

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Sept. 20, 2023 – Interop Technologies, a global leader in advanced mobile messaging technology, announced today that they have successfully completed a turnkey deployment of their Short Message Service (SMS) solution with integrated IP Short-Messaging Gateway (IP-SM-GW) to assist C Spire in future-proofing their traditional messaging services.

Using Interop Technologies’ reliable turnkey SMS Infrastructure, combined with the flexibility of an IP-SM-GW enables C Spire to simultaneously support IP-based technologies while maintaining seamless operation of their traditional messaging solutions.

"Given the growing dependence on SMS for mobile communications across various industries, it was important that our messaging infrastructure integrate the latest technological standards and remain positioned for continued growth," said Charles D. Watson II, SVP, Network Operation at C Spire. "We hold a high level of trust in Interop Technologies, given their long-standing history of consistently providing messaging platforms known for their reliability."

“SMS is still a crucial technology for operators. Although the technology has been around since the days of 2G networks, SMS will continue to be integral for 5G and utilized in emerging use cases like IoT device alerts,” said Chris Dwyer, VP Sales US-CALA at Interop Technologies. “We are dedicated to the continuous development of our SMS technologies to support operators like C Spire as they navigate next generation mobile technologies.”

Interop Technologies has dedicated more than 20 years to developing messaging solutions that work seamlessly together, bridge the generation gap in network technology, and provide operators with a migratory path to new advanced messaging as mobile communication technologies emerge. This includes offering flexible deployment models to meet any engineering need, including hosted/managed cloud, private cloud/on-site and turnkey/on-premises.

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Published by Interop Technologies September 20, 2023
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