Enhanced Wireless Emergency Alerts Enable US Carriers to Easily Implement New FCC Requirements

Posted by Interop Technologies on 9/26/18 10:29 AM

Fort Myers, Fla.  September 26, 2018 – As a leading provider of virtualized network architecture and software-based managed services, Interop Technologies has enabled 20 U.S. wireless carriers to quickly implement the new features required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) through its cloud-hosted Enhanced Wireless Emergency Alert (eWEA) solution

Nex-Tech Wireless, a wireless provider to residents in 40 counties of central and western Kansas and 4 counties in Colorado, is the latest carrier to utilize Interop Technologies to implement these new technology requirements.

“We’re extremely focused on developing solutions that help operators implement new mobile technologies in less time and with less capital and operational expenses than it would take if they were to do it on their own,” said Nir Marciano, product manager at Interop Technologies.

Technological disparity among wireless carrier networks has long been cited as a barrier to quick implementation of new feature requirements for wireless alerts. Interop’s virtualized eWEA solution solves this problem by incorporating updates from the FCC’s first report in order implemented in November of 2016 within the compliance deadlines. As a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) certified gateway host, Interop is able to support operators on CDMA, GSM, UMTS and LTE networks and assist them with FEMA testing during implementation. This solution flexibility, along with offering enhanced management tools, provides operators with the ability to manage their network elements, gain insight into alert message attributes and assist with testing requirements.

Nex-Tech Wireless Logo - Transparent“As mobile technology evolves, all of our subscriber services will have to evolve as well,” said Aaron Gillespie of Nex-Tech Wireless. “Our decision to use Interop’s virtualized emergency alert solution made implementing the new enhanced features to our emergency alerts a much faster process, which is critical when subscriber safety is involved.”

Interop’s eWEA solution currently supports the new requirements for narrowing the geographic targeting of alerts and enabling embedded references. Additional features and functionality include increasing maximum message length for 4G-LTE and future networks, Spanish-language alerts, public safety alerts and emergency management functions, which will be completed on or before the FCC support deadlines.

“Operators using Interop’s eWEA solution really gain peace of mind knowing that they can meet the new WEA requirements,” added Marciano. “As a leader in cloud-hosted emergency messaging solutions, it is vital for us to stay compliant and up-to-date with new government mandated upgrades for our customers and their subscribers.”

Nex-Tech Wireless has implemented several of Interop’s messaging solutions, including CSC, Int’l ICSMS, SMS, MMS, and WAP.

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