Interop Technologies Secures 11th US Carrier for RCS

Posted by Interop Technologies on 8/13/19 7:45 AM

FORT MYERS, Fla. & DUBLIN —Aug. 13, 2019— Interop Technologies™, a provider of advanced mobile communication solutions and the most accredited RCS solution provider globally, has been selected by Nex-Tech Wireless to advance its deployment of Carrier RCS to subscribers. This brings Interop’s U.S. RCS operator total to 11.

Interop’s cloud-native and complete Rich Communication Services (RCS) platform extends the global ubiquity, feature functionality and industry interoperability that operators need to retain messaging as a core carrier service. Subscribers will receive an enhanced voice and messaging experience across RCS-enabled devices, networks and hubs worldwide.

Nex-Tech Wireless Logo - Transparent“Having us (the operator) remain the trusted and secure source of our subscriber’s messaging played a huge role in our choice to commit to deploying carrier RCS with Interop Technologies.” said Jon Lightle, CEO of Nex-Tech Wireless.

With Interop’s RCS Business Messaging Platform, operators will be able to take full advantage of conversational commerce opportunities made available in the Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) economy. This includes generating innovative business models, enhancing customer care experiences and capturing new monetization opportunities from brands in order to compete with impeding OTT messaging services (e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber etc).

“Interop is pleased to help our operators evolve their carrier messaging capabilities. RCS represents a major step forward from traditional operator messaging both in the peer-to-peer consumer experience, and in the emergent and lucrative brand to consumer segment,” said Steve Zitnik EVP & CTO, Interop Technologies. “Interop is proud to be a leader in enabling secure and standards-based messaging technologies to keep operators at the center of subscribers’ mobile lives.”

Lightle added, “RCS is the new service that will allow our subscribers to interact in different ways. Not only is it a much needed replacement for SMS, but it ushers in the 5G era of messaging and will bring new revenue opportunities for our network.” 

RCS is a standards-based universal upgrade to traditional carrier SMS and MMS messaging protocols that introduces a series of app-like features and capabilities directly to the native messaging application within Android smartphones on carrier networks. The GSM Association (referred to as 'the GSMA'), a trade organization representing operator interests worldwide, established the Universal Profile (UP) in fall 2016 as a globally agreed set of specifications and standards to ensure carrier and vendor interoperability for RCS. Momentum for RCS has accelerated to include 79 RCS operator launches and currently boasts 257 million active users worldwide.[1] Analysts at Mobilesquared further predict that RCS will reach one billion users by 2020 and become the world’s biggest business messaging platform, with more than 2 billion users by 2021.[2]

[1] GSMA: RCS Goes Mainstream, May 2019

[2] Mobilesquared: RCS Monetisation Report: P2P, July 2019

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