SI Wireless Launches WiFi Calling for Subscribers Using Cloud VoWiFi Solution from Interop Technologies

Posted by Interop Technologies on 4/13/16 8:00 AM

FORT MYERS, Fla.—April 13, 2016— Interop Technologies™, a specialist in virtualized IMS infrastructure and IP services technologies for telecommunication service providers, today announced that SI Wireless has launched WiFi Calling using the Interop Technologies CorePlusXSM Voice-Over-WiFi (VoWiFi) solution. The operator has made VoWiFi service available to subscribers across its markets in Tennessee and Kentucky.

Interop’s cloud-based VoWiFi solution will enable SI Wireless subscribers to make voice calls and send text messages across any available WiFi network. With its innovative WiFi Calling client, the solution supports native dialing experiences on customer devices, making the calling experience natural and seamless.

“Interop’s CorePlusXSM VoWiFi solution will allow us to capitalize on the immediate market demand for WiFi Calling, as well as allow our subscribers to experience one of the most exciting advanced IP services in the marketplace,” said Mike Jaksich, CTO, SI Wireless. “Many competing OTT voice applications are available today, so offering WiFi Calling as our own branded service helps us keep a leading position in our markets.”

VoWiFi is one of the many components of Interop’sCorePlusXSM suite, a complete standards-based, end-to-end IMS core and advanced IP services solution that enables new offerings to be deployed separately or in any combination with other CorePlusXSM services. This approach provides operators with optimum flexibility to meet the demands of their respective markets at any time. AllCorePlusXSM services reduce operator upfront cost and complexity because the suite is fully managed and deployed from the Interop Cloud™, shortening time to market while providing a risk-free path to next-generation communications.

“Interop is a trusted vendor with proven cloud solutions, so we have full confidence to start our path to all-IP with theCorePlusXSM solution,” added Jaksich.

"Helping operators meet their immediate market demand while also establishing a seamless path to other advanced IP services, such as VoLTE and RCS, is a true point of differentiation for us," said Mike Slamka, Director of Customer Relations, Interop Technologies. “Since these new IP services deliver immediate benefits to operators, time to market becomes essential.”

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About Interop Technologies

Interop Technologies is simplifying IP by delivering cloud-based IMS networks and advanced communication solutions to the mobile industry. The company incorporates the latest Network Function Virtualization (NFV) technology into its private Interop Cloud™, enabling service providers of all types to quickly and securely launch advanced IP services. Interop’s solutions are developed and built to reduce cost and complexity—regardless of network type—and feature scalable architecture that makes continued migration to next-generation technology simple.

Headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, USA, Interop has offices in Dublin, Ireland, as well as Network Operations Centers (NOCs) in Florida and Texas, USA, and Dublin.

About SI Wireless

SI Wireless was established in 2009 to provide the latest voice and data services to technologically underserved areas of America. Under the DBA MobileNation, SI Wireless provides these communities cutting-edge technology at home and across the U.S. at a very affordable rate. For more information, please visit

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