Short Codes Boost Marketing Efforts

Posted by Interop Technologies on 10/23/13 2:31 PM

It's clear that mobile marketing is here to stay. More and more companies, regardless of size, are creating mobile-friendly sites and launching SMS campaigns to enhance their marketing efforts. In fact, U.S. advertisers spent $3 billion on mobile advertising in the first half of 2013 alone, more than double the amount spent a year earlier, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

The ease of use and high response rate of common short codes (CSCs) gives businesses a simple way to tap into the power of mobile marketing. Popular campaigns such as My Code Rewards® and American Idol™ voting put these five- or six-digit codes on the map, and today, it's estimated that short codes are responsible for $8-12 billion in annual revenues.
hands-coffee-smartphone-technology resized.jpgFor regional operators, giving subscribers access to popular national short code campaigns is an important part of remaining competitive with national players. Our CSC Gateway streamlines the short code process for operators by eliminating the need to negotiate individual deals with aggregators.

A growing number of our operator customers are also leveraging our CSC Gateway to introduce short code campaigns at a local level. For example, partnering with an area car dealership and radio station, one operator gave its subscribers the chance to win a Ford Mustang by texting the keyword FORD to a local code. Subscribers paid 99 cents plus standard messaging rates to enter. Because the contest took place at a local level, the odds of winning were much higher than those of most national campaigns. The campaign enabled the operator both to generate excitement among subscribers and to create a new revenue stream.

Take a look at our CSC Gateway page for more details about our solution.

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