EYE Views: Messaging 2020

Written by Tim Banks, Editor of the Mobile Industry Eye. 

Mobile messaging has had a big year. Where once email was the preferred way for brands to communicate, it’s messaging that is now proving itself as the most effective channel through which to ‘speak’ to consumers. Not just as a marketing function but at all points throughout a customer’s journey. 

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The Text: Not Just for Messaging Anymore

Mobile devices continue to rapidly increase in number and accessibility. Almost half a billion (429 million) mobile devices and connections were added in 2016 alone1. They’ve become ingrained into our lives, from helping us keep track of our contacts and updating our meeting and activity calendar, to snapping complex panoramic or burst photographs, to serving as the vehicle for a complex multimedia presentation streamed around the world. 

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The IP Network: Challenge or Opportunity?

There’s no question that mobile phones and the internet have completely transformed how consumers and businesses communicate today and these technologies seem to amaze us with their innovation on an almost daily basis. 

This all-IP revolution and the evolution to and anticipation for the next-generation network, has brought about the need for the telco industry to undergo a transformation. 

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Text Messages: Are we still sending those?

Isn't the text message dead yet? We've been talking about the death of Short Message Service (SMS) for over half a decade now. Surely it's dead by now? But alas, as Mark Twain once said, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated," and this is also the case for the humble text message. Despite the rise of the Instant Message (IM) on IP services, SMS is not quite dead yet.

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Average SMS Users Send 2 Million Words in their Lifetime

Today's teenagers will text close to 2 million words over their lifetime, according to a new study by Net Voucher Codes. It concludes that mobile users send an average of 4 texts a day, each containing 20 words—a conservative estimate based on my own texting habits and certainly those of every teenager I know.

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