(Infra) - Structuring the Future

Posted by Mark Warchol on 3/27/18 8:03 AM

CCA Voice Cover - Spring-Summer 2018The days of delighting subscribers with standard voice and messaging are gone. Today, smartphone adoption and the technology advancements that have succeeded it have created new competitors, increased consumer demand and disrupted traditional business models 

— leaving the majority of mobile carriers fighting for their place in the future.
Interop Technologies RCS A2PThroughout history, the technologies that have experienced the greatest success have been those who have achieved widespread market adoption and then continued to evolve based on the consumer. This was clearly the case in the “there’s an app for that” revolution, where application developers seemed to pop up overnight to build new features to satisfy the daily needs of their users. This is innovation in action, but with the widespread innovation in mobile comes the need for the many to transform and adapt to the “new way of doing things” of the trendsetting few. Carriers now must evaluate their business from their network center outwards to their customer, and define a strategy for how to move forward and remain innovative.

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Topics: OPEX, RCS, IP Services, Rich Communication Services, IMS Core, CAPEX, IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture, IoT, 5G, Messaging-as-a-Platform, MaaP, chatbots, Cloud Infrastructure, RCS A2P, Digital Transformation