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Application-to-person messaging is driving RCS adoption globally

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At the 2019 Competitive Carriers Association Convention, Josh Wigginton, VP of product management at Interop Technologies, spoke about the future of Rich Communication Services (RCS), which despite a slow adoption, is now picking up as business use cases become more evident.

“RCS is moving beyond a consumer experience. Now brands and businesses are getting involved,” said Wigginton.

He explained to the room that 2019 was a pivotal year for RCS. “All Tier 1 operators have launched it, so has US Cellular, and some operators in Canada and other countries,” he commented. “Today, RCS is about remaining competitive and relevant. There are 300 million active RCS users globally, and 80 carriers have launched it around the world.”

Wigginton expects there to over a 1 billion RCS users by next year.

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Published by RCR Wireless September 20, 2019
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