Your Customer’s Future: Highlights from CCA’s Convention

Posted by Mark Warchol on 9/26/19 9:00 AM

The Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) held its 2019 Annual Convention last week at the Omni Providence Hotel. We were thrilled to once again support the CCA as a Pinnacle sponsor this year and excited to have the chance to meet with many of our U.S. customers, partners and colleagues to discuss smart investments for the wireless customer's future. 

Whether you were able to attend or not, we’ve recapped some of the key messages we took away from the show for you below:

The Road to 5G is Paved with Patience:
As a recurring theme at CCA this year, 5G showed up in articles, keynotes and breakout sessions and the key takeaways were echoed in many speakers’ final thoughts and predictions for carriers. First, don't wait on 5G to move forward and innovate, do it now with your current network and services. Second, 3G and 4G will be around for as long as they are useful to your business; some predictions were as long as 10 years. Finally, it is likely that 5G will be on the agenda the next few years as the changes it will bring will be astounding. Start preparing now!

The Customer Impact of Digital Transformation:
With networks getting faster, smarter and more advanced, the data being collected on network health, performance and customer impact is becoming the main source of knowledge for carriers to affect meaningful change in the subscriber experience. The collection, organization and interpretation of the data onslaught are key to the continued digital transformation of the carrier business. From network KPI’s and billing system evolution, to the digital marketing trends that are coming together to build a mobile life like never before. Focus on subscribers!

RCS Becomes the Catalyst for Carrier Change:
Tuesday’s stage welcomed Interop’s VP of Product Management, Josh Wigginton to highlight the RCS opportunities for operators in an interview with Light Readings’ Editorial Director, Mike Dano during the Keynote Lunch. Interop also shared the RCS experience through chatbot demos of customer care, subscriber engagement and new revenue use cases in the exhibit hall.

Diana Goovaerts, Mobile World Live US Editor, recaps the role RCS will play for CCA carriers in her article titled “Interop exec highlights RCS opportunity, hurdles.”

A Leader in RCS 
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