From VoLTE to 5G, understanding the needs of rural carriers

Posted by RCR Wireless on 9/21/18 10:30 AM


While 5G is and will remain the topic du jour in the telecom industry, it will be years before the next generation of cellular makes its way out of metropolitan areas to provide widespread access to new types of services.

In the meantime, rural carriers that serve smaller markets in the U.S. have concerns more pressing than 5G—a major one is is upgrading to an IMS core in order to deliver voice-over-LTE services, which can provide a better quality of experience for the end user while streamlining network operations.

This topic will be highlighted next month at theCompetitive Carrier Association’s annual convention, slated this year for Oct. 1 to 3 in Orlando, Florida. The IMS/VoLTE discussion, including speakers from Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia and Interop Technologies, is just one session in a diverse program line-up available here. RCR Wireless News recently spoke with CCA President and CEO Steve Berry to get a better understanding of the issues facing rural operators that will be highlighted during the event.

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