Average SMS Users Send 2 Million Words in their Lifetime

Posted by Josh Wigginton, VP of Product Management on 8/7/13 12:00 AM

Today's teenagers will text close to 2 million words over their lifetime, according to a new study by Net Voucher Codes. It concludes that mobile users send an average of 4 texts a day, each containing 20 words—a conservative estimate based on my own texting habits and certainly those of every teenager I know. Assuming today's teens live well into their 80s, that's 30,000 words on average each year and a whopping 2 million words over a lifetime—the equivalent of texting every word in the Old and New Testament twice or War and Peace almost four times.pexels-photo-261628 resized.jpg

It's certainly no secret that texting is alive and well, but in the age of OTTs competing for mobile consumers' attention, this research confirms that the ubiquity of SMS makes it a powerful communication service with future staying power.

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